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Pumpkin Decorating Contest (LJRL)

October 1, 2013N/A

Bring a real or artificial pumpkin decorated by your child, family, team, or class.
Register your creation at the Youth Services Desk.

The pumpkin cannot be cut or carved. If using a real pumpkin, clean it with a mild bleach/water solution and let it dry before decorating; this may help retard mold growth. The pumpkins must fit on a shelf that is 9" deep.

The pumpkins must be entered by Thursday, October 17.
Judging will take place on October 18.
Pumpkins should be picked up between October 19 and October 25.

Contact Suzy or Michelle at (979) 764-3416 with any questions.

Be creative and have fun!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest (LJRL)

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