Current Donation Needs

If you are interested in helping the Bryan+College Station Public Library System through donation or sponsorship of events, here are some areas where we could use your help in 2013. Please contact us if you would like to discuss other possibilities. You may also call to discuss donation and sponsorship possibilities; call (979) 209-5600 for Mounce Library, (979) 764-3416 for Ringer Library, and (979) 209-5630 for the Carnegie History Center. Sponsors from the current year and the previous year are listed online; provide us with a website address if you are a sponsor who would like to be linked.

If you are interested in helping sponsor a movie or providing arts and crafts supplies at Ringer Library, please contact Kendra or Michelle at (979) 764-3416. If you would like to help sponsor Ringer Library‘s teen/tween pool party, contact Kendra at (979) 764-3416 or email If you are interested in donating coupons for free food or doing something similar that could be used as prizes for reading logs or door prizes, contact the Reference Desk or Youth Services desk at Ringer Library (979-764-3416) or Mounce Library (979-209-5600). If you are interested in providing a prize for the adult summer photography contest, contact Michelle at (979) 764-3416. If you have other ideas, please contact us.

For further questions or to help the entire library system, contact Library System Director Larry Koeninger at (979) 209-5611 or through the contact page. To help the Ringer Library, you can also contact Ringer Library Manager Kathy Nixie at (979) 764-3416.