General Info

Computers and wireless internet are available at all Bryan+College Station Public Library System locations. Some computers are solely for searching our catalog, while others are internet equipped. Check with a librarian to locate the correct type of computer.

Computer usage is limited to one hour per day at each location. If no one is waiting, the computer will offer the option of extending by 15 minutes twice. Log on using your library bar code and your PIN number. The front desk can reset PIN numbers. Wireless internet is available all day.

People who live out of the area can get a temporary, one-day pass from the Reference Desk. If you will be using our internet more than once, please ask the front desk for a non-borrower card. If you live locally, please obtain a library card to get on the computers.

You will be asked to show identification. If under 18, parental permission is required and must be given in person.
You must use your own library card to access the internet. If someone else uses your card, you can lose your internet access.

Carnegie History Center

Internet computers at the Carnegie are for genealogy research. Contact the Carnegie for help with genealogy databases and websites.

Clara B. Mounce Public Library

The Clara B. Mounce Public Library has computers on the first floor, including “Express Internet Computers” for printing. Color printing is available for an additional fee, only at the Mounce Library. The Mounce Library also has a computer lab on the second floor, which is sometimes used for free computer classes. Check with the Reference Desk for the current class schedule.

Larry J. Ringer Library

The Larry J. Ringer Library has computers for the library catalog at the front of the library, and the rest of the computers have internet. There are computers past the Reference Desk, near the windows, at the back of the library, and two individual rooms to the left of the front desk. There is a map of computer stations at the Reference Desk and at the print release station. Black-and-white printing is available for 10 cents a page.

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