Ringer Library Construction Updates

Ringer Library in College Station will be undergoing construction and renovations both inside and outside of the library building during 2018.

While we understand that this may cause some short-term inconveniences, in the long-term these new renovations will help the library fulfill its mission of being an amazing resource for our community.

Please check back here often as we will be posting updates and notices about the construction and potential changes to programs, schedules, and locations.

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Latest Updates

Construction Update 5/24/18

bricks removed and path cleared for new door along back of library May 24 2018

Last week, they continued placing forms in the trench in preparation for pouring the concrete in the front part of the library, and along the roadside, they started drilling holes and filling them in with concrete to make piers on that side of the library; see first two pictures below. If you were in the library…

Construction Update 5/11/18

pouring concrete May 11 2018

They finished filling in the deep hole along the 2818 side with compacted sand.  They also drilled holes in the ground in front of the library, inserted round metal rebar cages and filled them with concrete.  Then after all that work of bringing in the sand and compacting it, they removed some of it around…

Construction Update 5/3/18

roller flattening sand outside Ringer Library May 2 2018

Things are really shaking around here literally including the librarians.  Last week the dump trucks were hauling away soil, this week there are hauling in and dumping sand.  The sand is then being spread and compacted in preparation for concrete.  It feels like the whole building is vibrating when they run the soil compacter.  Cryptic…

Construction Update 4/26/18

April 26 photo of hole in front of library where parking lot was

On April 24, a fire line was moved. The library was able to reopen as scheduled on April 25. The barest photo is of the front of the library where a section of the parking lot has been removed so the library can expand. The photo with men standing at a hole is on the…

Construction Update 4/19/18

pile of bricks outside Ringer Library

We will be closed for the day on Tues., April 24 so the fire line can be moved. Construction crews are removing bricks from the building. Some of the parking and trees that were closest to the building have been removed in preparation for expanding the building.   

Construction Update 4/13/18

front entrance with construction fencing

Construction on the Ringer Library expansion has started. The library is OPEN during construction. We will post any closings on here. Handicapped parking spots have been restriped so that two are accessible. The library will be closed on Tuesday, April 24, so that the fire department may move a fire line and make some changes…