2020 First Virtual Meeting

Thank you teens for participating in our virtual TEENS Publish program (and thanks parents for letting them). Our first meeting was on June 3, and everyone registered for the program showed up. (Yay!) At the first meeting, participants wrote a 2-sentence bio and did 5-minute free writes for their story idea, protagonist, antagonist, and setting. People also either read a sample of their writing or discussed their story idea and got input from other people. With the Zoom format, people wanting to make a comment “raise their hand” and are called upon to unmute and give feedback (or type it into the chat window).

If you have not already done so, you need to send your bio to Molly and Kendra (put Teens Publish bio and your name in the subject heading). For next time (June 10), you should watch some videos from Molly’s TEENS Publish playlist on Yahoo, especially “What makes a hero?” which is the one she was talking about yesterday. In case you couldn’t pull up the critique guidelines, I’m putting them here so you can view or download (Word version, pdf version). Write 500 words for next time. If you have stuff saved on your computer and can share your screen, that would be good. Another option would be to take a picture of your writing (whether typed or handwritten, hopefully with good handwriting if handwritten) and drop the picture into the chat in order to let other people see it. Molly will probably have a video up by the end of the weekend for you to watch. If it’s not on the same playlist, I’ll email you a link. In case you want to rewatch the prewriting video that we sent out before the first meeting, here is Molly’s pre-writing video. Also, for those who asked, 3000 words (12 pages) is the maximum for your final manuscript; there’s not a specific minimum.

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