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201 E. 26th St.
Bryan, TX 77803
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1818 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy. S.
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Engage, enlighten, empower and inform

Welcome to the Bryan+College Station Public Library System.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Brazos Valley in a variety of ways. From in-person assistance at our libraries, to community outreach, to virtual entertainment and educational programs, our dedication to the community shines through in our efforts.

We are truly an essential, growing library system that is robust and forward-thinking. We’re constantly striving to improve service to our twin cities of Bryan and College Station, and the surrounding area. How are we doing this? We’re growing our collection of books and periodicals, improving customer service, enhancing our genealogy and history sources, adding new programs, gaining access to new reference resources and databases, and a whole lot more.

Through funding from the Bryan and College Station city governments, as well as federal, local and state grants, and donations from the Friends of the Library, we are able to “engage, enlighten, empower and inform life-long learners.”

Meet Our Team

  • Bea Saba, Library System Director
  • Derika Bailey, Branch Manager – Larry J. Ringer Library
  • Rachael Altman, Branch Manager – Carnegie History Center
  • Jessica Nunez, Library Finance Assistant
  • Steven Reagor, Library Systems Analyst
  • Kimberly Bridges, Library Services Supervisor/Cataloging & Technical Service – Clara B. Mounce Public Library
  • Lisa Reyes, Circulation Supervisor – Larry J. Ringer Library
  • Tina Swartzlander, Circulation Supervisor – Clara B. Mounce Public Library
  • Our zealous Service & Support team: Librarians and staff in our three locations work with collection, customer service, outreach, programs, youth services, reference, research and more.

For more information, or questions, please contact us.

Our Mission / Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

To engage, enlighten, empower, and inform life-long learners in the Brazos Valley.

Mission Statement

We improve quality of life by promoting workforce development and early literacy through informative and entertaining programs and high-quality materials.  Our team, including volunteers, creates community connections, fuels the imagination, and respectfully teaches, guides, and serves our community in a welcoming environment.

Carnegie History Center Mission Statement

The Carnegie History Center’s mission is to preserve and protect our local history; and to stimulate understanding of our historical and cultural resources. We strive to safeguard the community’s memories and materials for future generations of researchers. The Carnegie seeks to promote our community’s appreciation of its rich history through education, advocacy and special projects.



  • Perform duties in a dependable and selfless manner
  • Choose to be a dedicated public servant
  • Maintain competence through a commitment to excellence
  • Earn respect through actions and strong work ethic


  • Look at old problems in new ways
  • Actively pursue new technologies that support our library users
  • Reimagine the library experience
  • Embrace changes for the better


  • Demonstrate highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior
  • Own, learn from, and correct our actions
  • Be mindful of the perceptions we create
  • Always do everything to the best of our abilities


  • We honor our word
  • Be reliable to each other and our library users
  • Be consistent and treat everyone equally
  • Listen and communicate with our community


  • Treat everyone with dignity and compassion
  • Establish trust by honoring words with actions
  • Be empathetic and open-minded
  • Show sincere regard for the worth of people


  • Be respectful of all team members
  • Work together to achieve our mission
  • Lead by example
  • Take responsibility for the growth and development of the library system


Collections and Materials

Goal One: Develop and maintain a quality collection of materials in various formats and languages that reflects the needs and use patterns of the community to offer popular and useful materials for library users.

  • Objective A: Over the next year, identify and reach out to three (3) organizations/groups within the community to help the library system assess our Spanish collection.
  • Objective B: Over the next six months, update our collection development policy.
  • Objective C: In the next three (3) months, improve/update the patron request/suggestion forms and;
    • Notify patron if we can purchase their request
    • Place a default hold for a patron
  • Objective D: Create book displays to highlight different/unique areas of the collection;
    • At the beginning of each fiscal year, librarians will publish a calendar of 36-48 display themes.
  • Objective E: Publish monthly and send through e-mail, internal reports on purchasing decisions and trends.
  • Objective F: Complete an inventory within the fiscal year to ensure an up-to-date and complete record of the collection.
  • Objective G: By the end of each fiscal year, identify key areas of data that can be shared with the public that expresses the value of the library system.

Library Technology

Goal One: Actively pursue technologies that assist the library in its mission to meet the educational, informational, workforce development, and recreational needs of area residents.

  • Objective A: By 2020, obtain four (4) children’s computers at each branch.
  • Objective B: By 2020, conduct research to replace Summer Reading Program /volunteering databases.
  • Objective C: By 2019, quarterly meetings will be established with College Station, Bryan and the library system to promote better communication.
  • Objective D: By 2020, the library system will obtain staff scanners, color printers and other patron focused equipment.
  • Objective E: By 2020, the library system will have authored a report about the feasibility of adding off-site registration capability to the Library System software suite.
  • Objective F: By 2020, the library system will investigate and write a report about communication and work productivity software systemwide.
  • Objective G: By June 2019, the Ringer library will obtain a cstx.gov e-mail from College Station.
  • Objective H: By 2020, the library system will start an iPad pilot program so that by 2024 20 iPads will be available for use in programming and outreach.
  • Objective I: By 2024, two (2) staff members will obtain training to teach coding languages.

Facilities and Equipment

Goal One: Ensure that physical facilities, infrastructure, and equipment are well maintained to provide an accessible, safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for library users and staff.

  • Objective A: Develop a routine maintenance and cleaning schedule for each library branch by March 2019.
  • Objective B: By February 2019, identify a building proctor and committee to set up and oversee scheduled cleaning maintenance.
  • Objective C: Any health and/or safety concern shall be handled within one (1) month after reporting.
  • Objective D: By March 2019, require supervisors to schedule staff time to allow for work on the maintenance and cleaning schedule.
  • Objective E: Work closely with the City of Bryan administration to immediately bring all facilities into Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Programs and Services

Goal One: Provide programs and services to meet the educational and cultural needs of children and youth, their caregivers and families, with special emphasis on fostering the love of learning and reading.

  • Objective A: Within six months, evaluate all current programs using attendance numbers and input from library staff and attendees;
    • Use this information annually to make changes to or discontinue specific programs
  • Objective B: Conduct one (1) adult patron survey and one (1) youth patron survey on potential programming by February of 2019.
  • Objective C: Plan and implement by April of 2019 six (6) new one-time programs and two (2) new serial programs based on the survey results.

Goal Two: Provide programming and services to meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of adults and seniors served by the library system.

  • Objective A: By June of 2019, create a survey for adults about their programming needs and have it available at three (3) locations, during community programs, and on-line.
  • Objective B: Provide two (2) programs a year in languages other than English to serve new demographics.
  • Objective C: To support healthier communities, create at least three (3) health-related programs for adults each year.
  • Objective D: Develop local history programming for all library branches at least once a year to create community connections and educate patrons about our community.
  • Objective E: Provide two (2) new practical technology programs a year to help the community stay up-to-date.
  • Objective F: Create two (2) programs a year targeting the male demographic to expose them to the quality of library programming.
  • Objective G: Provide monthly library tours to show how the library works and what is available through the library system.

Publicity and Marketing

Goal One: Partner with other local organizations to create new events held in library facilities.

  • Objective A: Annually partner with six (6) community groups so they can provide information on what programs and services they offer to the community and create twelve (12) displays for library branches that exhibit what they do.
  • Objective B: Create templates and guidelines for local organizations to create bookmarks about their programs and services that can be distributed through the library system.

Goal Two: Work with local community marketing staff to publicize existing and new library programs and services to new and existing audiences.

  • Objective A: Conduct two (2) surveys by 2019 that obtains information from at least 300 people per survey;
    • Survey patrons to determine library usage
    • Survey the surrounding community to determine what they want and need from the library system
    • Form a group of five (5) library staff members to analyze survey results
    • Share survey results with both City’s marketing staff
  • Objective B: At least weekly, produce social media posts and ask City marketing staffs to share them.
  • Objective C: Attend six (6) outreach programs (such as Senior Fair, World Fest) annually.
  • Objective D: Increase by 50% the number of program sessions that are popular and need to be conducted on multiple occasions.
  • Objective E: Increase by 33% the number of television or radio spots on an annual basis.
  • Objective F: At least quarterly, prepare and publish a complete list of all library programming and services and disseminate to each City’s marketing staff.


Goal One: Keep Bryan + College Station Library System up to Texas Public Library Standards and meet the requirements of state accreditation with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

  • Objective A: Library System administration will submit state required accreditation forms to the Texas State Library annually to maintain the System’s access to ILL, TexShare Database, TexShare Cards, and State Library administered grants.

Goal Two: Develop a well-trained and professional staff to assist all library users.

  • Objective A: Develop within six (6) months a training checklist for all new employees;
    • Require the training to be completed within the first month of employment
  • Objective B: Develop and conduct monthly refresher training sessions to ensure all staff are up to date on policies and procedures.
  • Objective C: All staff members will cross train in other library departments at least once a quarter.

Advisory Board

The Library Board consists of eight members.

Four members are appointed by the Bryan City Council, and four are appointed by the College Station City Council. Members are appointed for two-year terms. The Library System Director serves as an ex officio member.

The Board, serving as an advisory board, recommends to the city councils policies and programs for the advancement of the libraries and cooperates with all other public and private groups in advancing the best interests of the library system.

Meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November. The location of the meeting rotates between the Clara B. Mounce Public Library, the Carnegie History Center, and the Larry J. Ringer Library.

For more information, please use our online contact form.

The Board consists of the following members:

Bryan Members

  • Dr. Eliel Hinojosa, Jr.
  • Carly Jennings
  • Laura Mills
  • Grant Hackethorn

College Station Members

  • Larry Ringer, President
  • Daniel Rudge
  • Sharron Rosedahl
  • Megan Wilson

Advisory Board Bylaws


The Board shall be comprised of eight members. Four members from Bryan shall be appointed by the Bryan City Council and four members from College Station shall be appointed by the College Station City Council. All terms will be two-year terms.


The Library System Director shall be an ex-officio member of the Board. The Library System Director, or the Director’s designee, shall attend all Board meetings.


The Advisory Board shall perform the following duties: encourage the development of the library system; recommend to the city councils policies and programs for the advancement of the libraries; cooperate with all other public and private groups in advancing the best interests of the library system; render to the city councils all recommendations it considers advisable regarding the library system.


Officers of the Board shall be chosen at the second meeting of the year and shall be: president and vice-president. Officers shall serve for one year. The president shall preside at all meetings, appoint special committees as needed and authorize calls for any special meetings. The vice-president assumes the duties of president in the absence of the president.


Special committees may be appointed by the president. Such committees are to serve until the completion of the work for which they were appointed. All committees are expected to make a progress report at each Board meeting.


The Board shall meet every other month beginning with January. The Library System Director shall provide a secretary to keep a permanent record of the meetings. The Board shall comply with the State of Texas Open Meeting Law and other laws of the State and the Cities of Bryan and College Station. Special meetings may be called by the president, or upon the request of four members, for the transaction of only that business stated in the call for the meeting. Notice of special meetings shall be sent at least four days in advance.


A quorum for the transaction of business shall consist of five members of the Board.


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board when a quorum is present by a unanimous vote, providing the amendment was stated in the call for the meeting. When a unanimous vote is not obtained, the proposed amendment may be placed on a future agenda at which time a majority vote is required for passage.

  • Adopted: January 20, 1998
  • Amended: October 19, 2010
  • Amended: March 20, 2012
  • Corrected: May 18, 2012
  • Amended: April 27, 2016


Read “Library Services — Rich Past, Bright Future” by retired Community Librarian Clara B. Mounce.


  • 1903 – Carnegie Library opens
  • 1969 – Bryan Public Library opens
  • 1979 – College Station starts giving Bryan money for books
  • 1984 – College Station citizens’ committee examines ways to provide library service to College Station and recommends opening a branch
  • 1986 – Interlocal agreement signed for Bryan to operate a branch library in College Station
  • 1987 – College Station branch opens in storefront location
  • 1989 – College Station citizens’ committee explores options for expansion, recommends building a library
  • 1995 – Bond issue passed to build College Station Public Library
  • 1995 – Bryan Public Library remodeled after fire
  • 1998 – College Station Public Library opens at current location
  • 1999 – Restoration of the Carnegie Library
  • 1999 – Carnegie Library renamed Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley History
  • 2004 – College Station Public Library renamed Larry J. Ringer Library
  • 2008 – College Station voters approve expansion of Larry J. Ringer Library
  • 2010 – Bryan Public Library renamed Clara B. Mounce Public Library
  • 2010 – Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley History renamed Carnegie History Center
  • 2019 – Larry J. Ringer Library reopens after expansion and renovation


Click here to view our policies page.


  • Recent Donors and Sponsors
  • How to become a sponsor:
    • If you or your organization are interested in becoming a sponsor (donating time, prizes, supplies, etc.), please contact the library you are interested in helping, or contact the library director if you are wanting to sponsor something system-wide.
  • How to make a cash donation:
    • Cash donations may be made in honor or memory of an individual and are typically used to purchase books. Fill out a donation form to list the person and occasion, and you may specify a subject area for the books to be purchased with your donated funds. If you would like to donate cash for another purpose or have questions, please contact us.
  • How to donate items (books, audiobooks, videos):
    • Books, audiobooks, and videos are accepted at the Mounce Library in Bryan and the Ringer Library in College Station. Donations may be added to the libraries’ collections, placed in a Friends of the Library book sale, or placed on the free shelf. Donations should be in good condition.
    • Please note: The Friends of the Library thanks you for your generous book donation to the library on their behalf for our annual book sales to support programs and services the library system provides. Due to the holidays, we will pause accepting book donations at this time and will resume back on January 18, 2022. Happy Holidays to you and yours!
  • Memorial donations:
    • If you would like to donate an item in memory of someone, please contact a librarian at (979) 209-5600. We do not charge for placing a bookplate in a donated book, but the item must fit with our collection development policy in order to be accepted.
  • Donations to the Carnegie History Center:
    • If you are interested in donating anything to the Carnegie History Center, please speak with Carnegie Branch Manager Rachael Altman at (979) 209-5634 to determine whether the Carnegie would be interested in the item.
  • Forms:
  • Contact numbers:
    • Clara B. Mounce Public Library, (979) 209-5600
    • Larry J. Ringer Library, (979) 209-6347
    • Carnegie History Center, (979) 209-5630
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