Senior Outreach

Senior Outreach Program with the Brazos Valley Food Bank

The Clara B. Mounce Public Library is collaborating with the Brazos Valley Food Bank to provide Senior Bags to food-insecure seniors. Senior Bags are bags that contain approximately 17 non-perishable and no-to-low preparation foods. Bags contain roughly the same items each week.

1 serving of oatmeal
2 juice
1 serving of cereal
2 milk
2 fruit
2 vegetables
1 nutritional shake
2 proteins
1 pudding
2 easy to prepare meals, like soup or Easy Mac n Cheese

You can pick up a Senior Bag at the Mounce Library downstairs information desk. For more questions, call or email Alexys Maliga at 979-209-5600 or For more information, visit

Easter Closing

Happy Easter, libraries closed Friday through Sunday, April 2 through 4

Happy Easter! All BCSPLS locations will be closed Friday-Sunday, April 2-4, 2021.

Happy Easter, libraries closed Friday through Sunday, April 2 through 4

Black History Month

Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month 2021 with the Bryan+College Station Public Library System.

Displays (entire month of February)

  • Mounce Youth Services: 2 displays celebrating black authors (picture books, middle grade, and young adult)
    • Books are chosen with families in mind to celebrate this year’s family and diversity theme.
    • “Stars of History: Celebrate Black History Month” wall display with pictures of trailblazing African‑Americans and a list of books Mounce has about them.
  • Mounce Adult
    • Love at First Line: Romance Novels by Black Authors
      • Romance novels by Black authors
      • All books will be wrapped with only the first sentence written on the wrapping to distinguish each book.
      • Come pick up a mystery romance novel this February!
    • Who Am I? Display
      • Throughout the downstairs area at the Clara B. Mounce Public Library, there will be information or quotes about and said by Black creators, musicians, authors, activists, and more!
      • Come to the library this February to see if you can guess who’s who!
  • Ringer Youth Services
    • Book displays by Black authors
  • Ringer Adult
    • Adult fiction and non-fiction display related to Black History Month

Passive Programming (entire month of February)

  • Ringer Youth Services
    • “Who Am I?”
      • A fun guessing game. Do you know who these people are? Lift-a-flap game of guess who
    • Black History Month Collaborative Puzzle (for all library patrons who want to participate)
      • Come follow specific instructions to color and combine to form a famous Black History person
    • Famous Figures in Black History Library Scavenger Hunt
      • Can you find these famous Black History figures hidden in the children’s section?

To-Go Activities (while supplies last; all items are free)

  • Mounce Youth Services
    • Take-Home Craft: Tuskegee Airmen Paper Airplane
      • Pick up craft Fri., Feb. 5, from Youth Services or curbside
      • Fall in love with Black history and honor the Tuskegee Airmen with a take-home paper airplane craft to learn about the brave Tuskegee pilots of WWII.
      • Includes a short history summary about Tuskegee airmen, a paper airplane, and Valentine’s Day activities
    • Black History Month crossword puzzle
      • Test your history and culture skills in this fun take-home crossword puzzle
    • Book suggestion bookmarks

Online events


Spooky Writing Contest Entries

Read Mounce Library's kids and teen spooky writing contest stories, winning stories noted

Horcrux Hunt

Larry J Ringer Library Horcrux Hunt

Larry J Ringer Library Horcrux Hunt

During the month of October we are on the hunt to find and destroy Voldemort’s dark horcruxes!  To join us in this scavenger hunt, that takes place around the City of College Station properties, pick up or print out a clue sheet and record the codes that you find at the location of each horcrux.  Return the sheet to the Larry J. Ringer Library when you are finished and be entered into a Harry Potter themed prize drawing!
Clue sheets may be downloaded in pdf format and are available at the Ringer Library starting October 5th and must be returned to the library by 7PM on November 2nd.

Notes from July 29

Molly provided some links to teen publishing contests (pdf version, MS Word version). Each page has a list of links to teen publication, primarily contests. She also discussed a few guidelines, such as suggesting not to enter contests that have much of a fee. Everyone was reminded to turn in their final manuscript and anything else they had not turned in yet (bio, dedication, acknowledgements, summary, picture) by the next week. We also briefly discussed plans for our author party and selected late October (probably the 27th or 29th) for the date. We are currently planning for this to be a virtual party because the library is not scheduling any in-person events for now, due to COVID-19 restrictions. We plan to hold the party as a webinar with Kendra as host, Molly and each of the teen participants as panelists, and any guests the participants invite as attendees (registration will be needed, and attendees will be in watch-only mode). After this discussion, we split into groups. In groups, each person was asked to read a 5-minute section that they considered the weakest portion of their manuscript, and others in the group made suggestions and comments. This was the last official meeting of the 2020 program. Kendra offered to have Zoom open on August 6 for anyone with final questions, although August 6 was not a required meeting date (just the deadline for turning things in).

Notes from July 22

At the July 22 meeting, teens brought their manuscripts. We asked briefly about the feedback teens received from their editors. Molly asked everyone to read the first page (first whole page, so read partway onto the next page if part one starts halfway down) and to identify the five tensest sentences from the first page and then the tensest sentence. Is it near the beginning? (The tensest part should be near the beginning). She also asked people to look through their manuscripts and see if anything stands out as a motif, something that repeats (a color, etc.). Molly asked people to read through and see how they describe the weather in their story. If weather is never mentioned, she suggested adding some mention of it. After this, we split into groups, and people read each others’ stories. Molly asked that people read someone else’s work rather than their own. Teens provided comments about the manuscripts.

Next week (July 29), we will start by talking about some publishing opportunities (contests) for young authors. We will split into groups. During those group discussions, each person should read the weakest part of their manuscript (5 minutes of less of reading per person). Everything should be in by the week after that, and then we (mostly Molly and Kendra) will put the book together. Teens should expect to receive some emails about their stories.

Anyone who has not yet submitted a summary (synopsis, blurb), bio, dedication, acknowledgements, and picture should submit those to Kendra as soon as possible. For the picture, we will be putting silhouettes on the cover, so either send a silhouette or send a picture with a plain background (something that will stand out from your hair, skin, and clothes) so we can separate the person from the background. You may consider using props or doing a pose.

If you have any questions, please contact Molly and/or Kendra. If anyone decides they do not want to be included in the book or there is a reason why your work will be delayed, please contact us either way and let us know.

Maps of Imaginary Places Scavenger Hunt

portion of Adventure map from Cushing exhibit

portion of Adventure map from Cushing exhibit

TAMU Libraries, Cushing Memorial Library and Archives will host a virtual exhibit on the Maps of Imaginary Places. Come join in the virtual fun with a map scavenger hunt for all ages! The deadline has been extended to August 15.The scavenger hunt is open to all ages. Everyone who participates will be entered into a participation prize pool. Email your answers (best guesses are okay) to Jenny Stadler.


  • Go to the Scavenger Hunt webpage created by the Cushing.
  • On that page, click the Scavenger Hunt Maps drop-down menu (top left section of the page).
  • Select one of the maps (Fairyland, Zombies, Wizard of Oz, Adventure & Voyages, or A Song of Ice and Fire)
  • On each map page, scroll down to see the Map Clues.
  • Each map page has a small picture of a map. Click the four outward arrows to expand the map image.
  • Email your scavenger hunt answers (best guesses are okay) to Mounce Library youth services librarian Jenny Stadler at
  • The deadline has been extended to August 15.
  • Everyone who participates will be entered into a participation prize pool.
  • Jenny will contact winners in August.

For more information, contact Jenny Stadler at or (979) 209-5600.

The scavenger hunt is part of the Bryan+College Station Public Library System’s Summer Reading Program.

Fantasy Character Sheets

Fantasy is a great genre to use to escape and the characters can make or break a good story.  Have you ever tried to create your own fantasy character?  Here’s your chance!  Pick-up or print our a character design sheet on July 21st!  Contact Ms. Liz with any questions.

Fantasy character sheet – blank (pdf)

Fantasy character sheet – dragon (pdf)

Fantasy character sheet – feminine (pdf)

Fantasy character sheet – masculine (pdf)

Print these out on your own or come to Ringer Library on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, to pick up a copy. The library will be open 9 AM to 1 PM. For more information, contact Ms. Liz at or (979) 764-3416.

Notes from July 15

At the July 15 meeting, we picked the colors and title for this year’s anthology. We also talked some about formatting and gave people their editor assignments. Everyone was emailed their editor’s name and email address. Everyone should have emailed their manuscripts and cover letters to their editors that night. There are screenshots from what Molly said, and she also wanted you to look at, which is a website about formatting a book. Here are links to the screenshots (saved as images): Editing Checklist Part 1, Editing Checklist Part 2, Editing Task List for Short Story, Editing the First 5 Pages. For each screenshot, click on the name to go to the link and then click on the small image to get to a bigger copy.