TEENS Publish: The Right time to Write!

Last summer I was in the library when a flyer on one of the librarian’s desks caught my eye. “TEENS Publish! An 8-week summer creative writing program for aspiring writers and illustrators!” it proclaimed. Huh, I thought, and grabbed an application form, not giving much thought to it. A few weeks later, while I was digging through the paraphernalia in my backpack, I rediscovered the application form and filled it out on a whim.

The very first day of TEENs publish was something different from anything I had ever experienced. It was thrilling to be in a room of people with quirky, unique personalities, there for the same purpose: to get better at writing and publishing. I immediately felt at home with this group of individuals. And don’t get me started on our mentor, Molly Blaisdell! She was one of the most eccentric, knowledgeable people I had met, and I felt privileged to learn how to polish my writing and successfully publish it in an anthology.

I had been writing all my life, but never really for a purpose other than school assignments, which may or may not have dampened my enthusiasm for the literary art. TEENS Publish rekindled my interest in everything reading and writing, and I embraced the opportunity that Molly had given us, trying my best to improve. At the end of the class, I really felt that it had made a profound impact on my ability to write and was certain I would return next year!

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