Blog Entry from Teen

This summer, one of the summer camps I have been participating in is the Teens Publish program at the Larry J. Ringer library. I have really enjoyed learning more about writing and working on publishing my own short story at Teens Publish. Every week, we meet at the library for a few hours to work towards our goal of publishing an anthology.

With guidance from Molly Blaisdell, an experienced author, we have learned many tools and techniques that we can utilize in our writing. For instance, we have learned about characterization, the hero’s journey, and many other ways on how we can improve our stories. I am certain that I will be using these techniques in my writing for not only the rest of the camp, but also for many years to come.

The anthology will be filled with a large variety of entertaining stories. It will be filled with many entertaining stories and different genres such as nonfiction, poetry, horror, and realistic fiction. Teens Publish is filled with talented writers, avid readers, and helpful mentors who altogether will produce an anthology like no other.

I am positive that all of us aspiring writers at Teens Publish are excited to improve our writing, publish an anthology full of diverse stories, and most importantly have fun. Although the camp is in its early stages, I can already see the profound effect it has had in my writing and how I have been brainstorming my current story.

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