pumpkin and book and swamp creature and skeleton and vampire and werewolf and text that says Booktober Read-a-thon

Join us for a reading challenge this October! The Booktober Read-a-thon is a month-long reading challenge.

For this reading challenge, you will role-play as a young wannabe monster! Are you a Vampire, a Werewolf, a Ghost, a Zombie, a Skeleton, or a Swamp Creature? To transform into your new form, you’ll need to acquire the following by reading a book with these features! For each creature feature you gain, you’ll grow closer and closer to the creature of your choice. Once you gain a creature feature, come visit the Clara B. Mounce Library downstairs desk to get a bookmark that coincides with each feature!

Keep in mind that you can read one book for multiple creature features. For example, if you read a book with a red cover with a knife on the cover, you can qualify for both fangs and blood creature features in the Vampire category in order to get closer to becoming a vampire!

In order to gain your creature features, follow the reading prompts below:


● Fangs: Read something that has a title that is synonymous with the word sharp or has a sharp object on the cover (knife, sword, etc.)

● Immortality: Finish a book

● Dietary restrictions (blood): Start a book that has a red cover

● Hypnotism: Read a book that includes a character who is fascinating (a character or biography of a person you find fascinating; or a character that other characters in the book find fascinating)


● Shapeshifting (Wolf): Read a book with a wolf or werewolf character (doesn’t have to be the main character)

● Super Speed: Read a novella

● Super Strength: Read a book that has a strong character or is about a strong person (The character/person can be physically and/or emotionally and/or mentally strong; Has to be a main character)

● X-Ray Vision: A character sees through another character’s intentions (A character can tell another character is lying/see through lies another character tells.)


● Phase: Start a book with an item in the title (If the Shoe Fits, Flowers and Fowl Play, etc.)

● Invisibility: Start a book with a character who feels invisible

● Telekinesis: Start a book with blue on the cover

● Clairvoyance: Listen to an audiobook


● Necromancy: Start a book with black on the cover

● Regeneration: Start a book with a character that starts anew

● Stamina: Read an intimidating book (a large book, or a book that is on a subject/in a genre you are unfamiliar with)

● Endurance: Read a book for an hour


● Shapeshifting (Skeleton): Start a book with white on the cover

● Fear!: Start a book that includes something that scares you

● Anatomical Liberation: Start a book in your favorite genre

● Anatomical Reattachment: Start a book in your least favorite genre

Swamp Creature

● Shapeshifting (Fish): Read a book that has a fish character or pet

● Fins: Read a book with hands on the cover

● Green Thumb: Start a book with green on the cover

● Super Swim: Start a book that takes place near a body of water

Readers who gain all features will become a Pumpkin King/Pumpkin Queen/Royal Pumpkin and will get a special pumpkin prize!

Make sure to watch the Adult Book Recommendations videos that are posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Adult Book Recommendation videos will include books that will help you qualify for different creature features!

For more information, contact Alexys at or (979) 209-5600.

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