Construction Update 2/13/19

Here are eight pictures that were taken February 13, 2019. Click the heading to see all the pictures.

looking at circulation desk towards lobby and main entrance, photo taken February 13, 2019 standing at circulation desk, looking towards youth services, photo taken February 13, 2019 

1. Looking at the circulation desk towards the lobby and main entrance

2. Standing at the circulation desk looking towards Youth Services

front meeting room, see door at lower left for scale, big room with high ceiling, photo taken February 13, 2019 looking from inside the front meeting room towards youth services, photo taken February 13, 2019

3. The new meeting/program room. The door on the left gives you an idea of the scale – the room is huge and the ceilings are high.

4. Looking from inside the meeting room towards the Youth Services area

main reading area with curved windows on east side of building, photo taken February 13, 2019 looking at youth services area, cubbies in the wall for children to play, photo taken February 13, 2019

5. The main reading area where the curved windows are on the east side of the building

6. Looking towards Youth Services from another angle so you can see the cubbies in the walls that kids can play in.

water fountains, one fountain can refill water bottles, photo taken February 13, 2019 circulation desk from entry, photo taken February 13, 2019

7. Water fountains: we have one of the water fountains with the bottle fillers.

8. Lastly looking at circulation again, but from the entry way. For people entering through the main entrance, this is what they will see when they get past the lobby.

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