Construction Update 4/26/18

On April 24, a fire line was moved. The library was able to reopen as scheduled on April 25. The barest photo is of the front of the library where a section of the parking lot has been removed so the library can expand. The photo with men standing at a hole is on the end of the building closest to the circle drive. The other two photos are of the 2818 side of the building. Construction continues, and the library remains open. Plans are available for viewing at the reference desk. Contact Library Manager Jessica Jones at (979) 764-3625 or Library System Director Larry Koeninger at (979) 209-5611 for more information about the library’s expansion project.

April 26 photo of hole in front of library where parking lot was April 26 photo of construction guys digging hole at library April 26 photo of dirt being moved on 2818 side of library April 26 photo of more dirt being moved on 2818 side of library

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