Construction Update 5/24/18

Last week, they continued placing forms in the trench in preparation for pouring the concrete in the front part of the library, and along the roadside, they started drilling holes and filling them in with concrete to make piers on that side of the library; see first two pictures below. If you were in the library and heard loud noises yesterday, that was them removing brick from the building in preparation for a new door they will be installing along the back of the building (see third photo). Yesterday, they dug out a path and put down rebar for a sidewalk (fourth photo), and today, they completed part of the sidewalk (last photo).

concrete forms in front of building May 18 2018 drilling along 2818 side of library May 18 2018 preparing for new door on back of building May 23 2018 putting down rebar for new sidewalk along back of building May 23 2018 part of sidewalk has been laid and part is still rebar along back of building May 24 2018

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