Construction Update 5/29/19

The end of the construction phase at the Ringer Library is done. We are currently waiting for new furnishings. We have received an update from the architects. The new shelving should arrive the first week in August. It will need to be assembled, and the library staff will begin moving books from the old shelving to the new shelving as soon as the new shelving is installed.

The rest of the furniture should arrive at the end of the second week in August. Installation will take a few days. It’s a lot of furniture.

We are setting a very tentative reopening date for some time the week of August 26th. We will announce the actual date as soon as possible.

We want to thank everyone for their patience during construction. Ringer will have been closed for 10 months by the time we reopen in August. We know it has been inconvenient for our members who live in College Station. However, I think you will agree it has been worth it when you see the new Ringer Library.

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