Ringer Library Construction Updates

Ringer Library in College Station is currently undergoing major construction and renovations and closed November 5, 2018. The library will be reopening in late August 2019. For construction updates, see the blog lower on the page.

While Ringer Library is closed, you can go to Mounce Library in downtown Bryan to pick up holds, check out items, and return items. Mounce is open Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM, Friday-Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM, and Sunday 1:30-5:30 PM, and there is a 24-hours drive-thru book drop outside. Mounce Library is located at 201 E. 26th St., Bryan, TX 77803, and the phone number is (979) 209-5600.

During Ringer Library’s closure, we also have an alternate book drop inside the CSISD Administration building. The CSISD Administration Building is located at 1812 Welsh, College Station, TX 77840, and the phone number is (979) 764-5400. This location is only for returns. To return library items at CSISD, go inside the CSISD Admin Building, Main Entrance, Door 1. There are boxes at the front desk receptionist’s desk inside the building. The CSISD Admin office is now on summer hours: Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM (closed July 4).

During the closure, Ringer Library staff are holding programs at off-site locations. For information about our programs, see www.bcslibrary.org/ringer or subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter. Events are also listed on our calendar. The clickable online calendar lists “off-site” next to the programs we are having at other locations and CBMPL for events that are being held at Mounce Library. There is also a printable calendar available at the library or online. The June calendar has the first half of June on one side of the page and the second half of June on the other side. Events are at Mounce unless otherwise noted.

During the closure, staff may still be contacted electronically, and can generally be reached at the Mounce Library phone number, (979) 209-5600. The Ringer Library phone number, (979) 764-3416, is currently being forwarded to Mounce Library, so if you call Ringer Library before it reopens, it is not being answered in College Station.

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Latest Updates

Construction Update 7/12/19

purple chair and black bench

Good news! The Ringer Library furniture has started to slowly trickle in. So far we have received 35 tables and four storage carts for the meeting room. These tables and storage carts were purchased for Ringer by the Friends of the Library. They also purchased meeting room chairs that will be delivered at a later…

Construction Update 5/29/19

The end of the construction phase at the Ringer Library is done. We are currently waiting for new furnishings. We have received an update from the architects. The new shelving should arrive the first week in August. It will need to be assembled, and the library staff will begin moving books from the old shelving…

Construction Update 5/22/19

teen area of Ringer Library with green divider, photo taken May 8, 2019

The new shelving has been ordered, and College Station City Council will be discussing the purchase of the rest of the new furniture at the City Council regular meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2019 (agenda can be found at agenda.cstx.gov/nom). Here are three pictures of Ringer Library that were taken on May 8. The construction is…

Construction Update 4/23/19

College Station City Council will discuss the purchase of new shelving during their regular meeting on Thursday, April 25, 2019. The meeting agenda may be viewed online. Here are nine pictures that were taken today. Click the title to go to the pictures.     

Construction Update 2/13/19

main reading area with curved windows on east side of building, photo taken February 13, 2019

Here are eight pictures that were taken February 13, 2019. Click the heading to see all the pictures.    1. Looking at the circulation desk towards the lobby and main entrance 2. Standing at the circulation desk looking towards Youth Services   3. The new meeting/program room. The door on the left gives you an…

Construction Update 1/15/19

meeting room January 2 2019

Here are some pictures taken 1/2/19. They show the children’s area, meeting room, and the east end of the building. Click the heading to see all the pictures.   

Construction update 12/13/18

December 12 2018 east wall

Here are some recent pictures (taken 12/12/18) of the east wall, spine, meeting room, and children’s area. Click the heading to see all the pictures.       

Construction Update 11/26/18

November 21 2018 front of library with open center

The middle of the building is completely open, so they put up a temporary wall in between that area and the side of the building where all the books are. Two photos taken on 11/21/18: one of the front of the building that shows the empty space in the middle, and one of the temporary…

Construction Update 11/5/18: Ringer Library Officially Closed Until June 2019

Ringer Library was officially closed for construction on Monday, Nov. 5, and will remain closed until the first week of June 2019. During these seven months of work, exterior walls will be demolished, concrete and structural steel will be installed, new walls will be constructed and full renovation of restrooms will occur. The complete closure…

Construction Update 10/28/18

front of building October 28 2018

Three pictures taken this afternoon, Sunday, October 28, 2018. There is one picture of the FM 2818 side of the building (yellow protective covering is visible in the picture). There is one picture of the front of the building (new walls and overhang showing). There is one picture of the front right corner of the…

Construction Update 10/12/18

front of building October 12 2018 metal framework with some covering

Ringer Library is currently still open. To enter the building, follow the sidewalk on the right side. The building will be closed November 5 to June 3. During the closure, go to Mounce Library in downtown Bryan to pick up holds and to check out and return items. Starting November 5, you can also return…

Ringer Library to be closed from Nov. 5, 2018, until June 2019, due to construction

The next phase of the Larry J. Ringer Library Expansion Project — involving major demolition and heavy construction — will require the library to close on Monday, Nov. 5, and remain closed until the first week of June 2019. During this seven months of work, exterior walls will be demolished, concrete and structural steel will…

Construction Update 8/10/18

new door outside facing door

The front entrance has been closed, and the main entrance has moved to the south side of the building. Head towards the back and follow the sidewalk and arrows to get to the new entrance.    

Construction Update 7/26/18

Renovation and expansion of the Larry J. Ringer Public Library will enter a new phase next week, requiring the building’s main entrance to close. Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 1, the library’s entrance will be moved from the library’s west side to the south side, where it will remain until further notice. This new phase of work…

Construction Update 7/3/18

site of new door

On Thursday, July 5, a new door will be added, which will initially be an extra emergency door and will later be a temporary main door. Other photos are of the location of an outdoor reading area, comparison of brick and grout colors, and the front of the building.   

Construction Update 6/19/18

parking lot June 19 showing island near staff entrance

We currently have more of our parking lot available (see pictures). Remember, we will be closed this Friday, June 22 so that they can work on the water line.  

Construction Update 6/14/18

We will be closed on Fri., June 22, so that the construction crew can tie in the water line. Because the water has to be off, we can’t be in the building that day. We will have regular weekend hours, and the Mounce Library in Bryan will be open that day. There will also be…

Construction Update 6/6/18

more of parking lot blocked by construction fence June 6 2018 view by staff entrance

As you can see in the photos, more of the parking lot has been blocked off. There are currently 32 regular spaces and 2 handicapped spaces in our parking lot. We are still open. If you can not find a space in our lot, First Baptist Church is kindly allowing people to park in their…

Construction Update 5/30/18

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, May 31, the library will open at 9:30 AM so that we can work on the water line before opening. Here are some pictures of recent construction activity. They are adding some supports in a trench in front of the library. A pipe cleaner was here preparing some pipes. The new sidewalk…

Construction Update 5/24/18

bricks removed and path cleared for new door along back of library May 24 2018

Last week, they continued placing forms in the trench in preparation for pouring the concrete in the front part of the library, and along the roadside, they started drilling holes and filling them in with concrete to make piers on that side of the library; see first two pictures below. If you were in the library…

Construction Update 5/11/18

pouring concrete May 11 2018

They finished filling in the deep hole along the 2818 side with compacted sand.  They also drilled holes in the ground in front of the library, inserted round metal rebar cages and filled them with concrete.  Then after all that work of bringing in the sand and compacting it, they removed some of it around…

Construction Update 5/3/18

roller flattening sand outside Ringer Library May 2 2018

Things are really shaking around here literally including the librarians.  Last week the dump trucks were hauling away soil, this week there are hauling in and dumping sand.  The sand is then being spread and compacted in preparation for concrete.  It feels like the whole building is vibrating when they run the soil compacter.  Cryptic…

Construction Update 4/26/18

April 26 photo of hole in front of library where parking lot was

On April 24, a fire line was moved. The library was able to reopen as scheduled on April 25. The barest photo is of the front of the library where a section of the parking lot has been removed so the library can expand. The photo with men standing at a hole is on the…

Construction Update 4/19/18

pile of bricks outside Ringer Library

We will be closed for the day on Tues., April 24 so the fire line can be moved. Construction crews are removing bricks from the building. Some of the parking and trees that were closest to the building have been removed in preparation for expanding the building.   

Construction Update 4/13/18

front entrance with construction fencing

Construction on the Ringer Library expansion has started. The library is OPEN during construction. We will post any closings on here. Handicapped parking spots have been restriped so that two are accessible. The library will be closed on Tuesday, April 24, so that the fire department may move a fire line and make some changes…