This is my first year experiencing the Teen’s Publish program at Larry J. Ringer library, and let me say that so far it has been amazing. I am learning more about writing and how the real world functions with publishing. This is an amazing experience, especially if any of us want to pursue a career of any sort with writing involved.

To get straight to the point, the critiquing experience that I have had in this program has really helped push me as a writer. It’s a good taste of what real-world publishing is like, with situations that would not normally be confronted in independent writing. Teen’s Publish has really helped me develop with new ideas and some new rules, if you will, about what makes writing good and what makes writing great. It feels redundant to say, but I have learned so much already, and am always excited to sit down for those three hours and really talk about how we can improve our writings.

The critiquing may come as a surprise, like a sentence that had gone unnoticed, or a paragraph that did not function as intended. I certainly picked up on things that I would not have initially noticed, thanks to the patience and listening of my peers. I am undoubtedly looking forward to the rest of this summer’s program, and am excited to interact with experienced writers as we go!

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