Financial Literacy and Small Business Resources

On this page you will find information that can help you become more confident in your financial decisions. Educational and informational links are provided for adults and children/students.

A selection of entrepreneurship & small business resources are located towards the end of the page.

For more detailed coverage of financial topics, visit our other library pages:

Visit our Financial Literacy and Personal Finance Information Center in the Larry J. Ringer Library.

Flyers and handouts are provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other government agencies.

Texas A&M University Resources

The Patent and Trademark Resource Center is located in the R.C. Barclay Reference and Retailing Resources Center on the first floor of the West Campus Library. The PTRC Program was established in 1871 to make printed patents available to the American public.

Texas A&M University has established a Money Education Center. If you are a current student, former student, faculty, staff, or parent of an Aggie, you have access to a wide variety of online resources, services, advising, and more geared towards empowering Aggies to make smart financial decisions.

Financial Literacy Education for Adults

Most finance books are located in call number section 332 of Adult Non-Fiction

General Information & Education

How to Start Saving

Banks or Credit Unions?

Introduction to Credit & Debt

More information on specific types of credit and debt, including credit cards, mortgages, and car loans, is available here.

Creating a Budget

For Kids and Students

For Educators and Parents

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Most small business & entrepreneurship books are located in call number section 648 of Adult Non-Fiction.

Local Resources

National Resources

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