Indie Author Day: Suil Kang

Suil Kang, Author
Suil Kang, Author

Suil Kang worked as a computer chip designer and patent attorney, before pursuing her literary interests. Hailing from Seoul, Korea, Ms. Kang longed to tell stories which depict Korean people for her new compatriots and realized her dream in her first published book, Sungbook: A Collection of Korean Short Stories. The stories take place in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul during the dictatorship of President Park, the father of the current Korean president. From the perspectives of several different characters of the neighborhood, Ms. Kang tells achingly human, heartfelt stories, which unfold as Koreans forge ahead with modernization and westernization after the painful aftermath of the Japanese colonization, Korean War, and political and financial upheavals. For her next two books, Ms. Kang is translating 20th century Korean poetry to English.

Suil Kang is also a potter, and a caretaker of her mother and sister. She is married and has a daughter. She has been living in Aggieland since 2004. Her first collection of short stories, Sungbook: A Collection of Korean Short Stories is available in paperback (ISBN: 9780828324984) and e-book edition (ISBN: 9780828324991).

Sungbook: A Collection of Korean Short Stories
Paperback ISBN: 9780828324984
E-book ISBN: 9780828324991

Indie Author Day 2016

Speaker at Indie Author Day, Saturday, October 8, 2016, 12 to 5 PM
at Mounce Library, 201 E. 26th St., Bryan, TX 77803

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