Library Value

Have you ever wondered how much benefit Texans get from libraries? The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) recently did a study on the economic benefits and return on investment from Texas libraries.

They found a $4.64 return on investment for every dollar spent on Texas public libraries.

If you would like to remind your legislators that Texas public libraries (and U.S. public libraries) are worthwhile, we encourage you to contact them and let them know how public libraries have helped you and about the return on investment.

To locate your legislators, see . It lists both state and national senators and representatives. If you are trying to contact them by phone, you may want to try multiple offices if the main number is busy. The D.C. numbers tend to have full voicemail, but some of the other locations have voicemail or staff members answering the phone.

For more information about TSLAC’s study, see their website at

For more information about our local library system, contact Bryan+College Station Library System Director Larry Koeninger at (979) 209-5611 or

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