Meet the Author Day – B. W. Van Alstyne

B. W. Van Alstyne, Author
B. W. Van Alstyne, Author

B.W. Van Alstyne is a Navy Veteran, a singer/songwriter, screenwriter, and author of the new faerie tale, The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist. It’s the story of an elderly pastry chef who rediscovers his youth in a land of faeries, myth, magic and the most scrumptious sweets ever imagined.

The book has recently been republished by Amazon Create Space and is available in softcover and eBook, so there are new ISBN numbers. Mr. Van Alstyne still has hard and soft covers for sale from the first printing (previous ISBNs). He will be discounting those and donating 1/2 of the sales to support our local Easter Seals (Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center).

Mr. Van Alstyne has a new eBook for children 0-5 years titled Under the Crescent Moon. It is a short 8-page book, beautifully illustrated by local artist M. Sidney Atkins.

The Bryan+College Station Public Library System currently carries one of his books.

Author’s Work

The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist, cover illustration by Mehrdohkt Amini. ISBN 978-1543047844. eBook available.

Under the Crescent Moon, illustrated by M. Sidney Atkins. eBook.

Author’s Book Trailer

Book Trailer: The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

Author’s Websites

Guest at Meet the Author Day, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 10 AM to 12 PM
at Mounce Library, 201 E. 26th St., Bryan, TX 77803

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