Meet the Author Day – George W. Ramphrey

George W. Ramphrey, Author
George W. Ramphrey, Author

George W. Ramphrey was an educator for forty-three years. He served as teacher, coach and administrator during his career in Mississippi and Texas.  Since his retirement, three years ago, he has published five books.They are available in paperback and Kindle e-Book formats.

He’s a songwriter and musician, who plays guitar, harmonica and the Cajun accordion. He has played in various successful bands in different genres throughout the South. He has served in several capacities in the Dallas Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and served as President in 2015 and 2016.

The “On the Hill” trilogy delves into life in Mississippi in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The first chronological installment is Dream on a Hill: Visions of Black and Gold, which covers a Southern family’s life in the cotton patch in the 1950s and deals with the main character’s propensity to stay in trouble. The second installment is Song on a Hill: Traces of Black and Blue, which deals with the family relocating from the Delta to Vicksburg and the mother getting remarried to an abusive alcoholic. The third installment is Promise on a Hill: Draped in Black and White, which covers the family moving to the Delta to escape the stepfather, the mother having health problems and reuniting with him, and the family moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and then back to Vicksburg in 1963. Haphazardly, life falls into place as some promises are realized while others are shattered. However, the human spirit prevails as the family faces an uncertain future with a newfound confidence and optimism.

Locked Arms is a novel set in early 1980’s New Orleans. After years of philandering, divorced high school teacher and lady’s man Frank falls in love with Janelle, a gifted artist and teacher who is unhappily married to a powerful attorney. Frank sleeps with Marilyn, whose boyfriend is crazy, jealous, and aggressive. Janelle is devastated when she finds out. Her husband becomes aware of the affair and offers her an ultimatum. Strange, horrible things begin occurring in Frank’s life. Frank decides that, in case of his demise, his twin daughters should receive his fortune. Soon after taking some pistols from his safe deposit box to be appraised, Frank disappears. His lifelong friend Drake hires a private detective to find him.The detective was fired from the New Orleans police department for being a “loose cannon”, but he is a clever detective who leaves no stone unturned. His investigation takes him to New Orleans and San Francisco.Love, determination, strength of character, and tenacity of the human spirit are tested to the limits in this mystery/romance that is full of twists and turns.

Tales of the Mystic Knights: Band of Brothers is a raucous account of Southern boys in a rock and roll band in the mid-1960s. Like countless teenagers, Kingfish was greatly influenced by the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The British Invasion ensued, and groups like The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Dave Clark Five, The Zombies, The Kinks, Manfred Mann, and Herman’s Hermits flooded their brand of music into America. This phenomenon spawned the growth of garage bands on virtually every corner in the USA. The Mystic Knights were organized after Kingfish had played in different groups over the years. The action takes you on a delightful journey of experiences and life’s joys and challenges. The Mystic Knights became a viable force after the right combination of band members was assembled. Take a front row seat and witness their gigs, shenanigans, and camaraderie. You’ll cheer for more as you reminisce about wonderful songs and vicarious memories of the “Swinging Sixties”.

Author’s Works

1.Dream on a Hill: Visions in Black and Gold. ISBN 978-1518600364.
2.Song On A Hill: Traces of Black and Blue. ISBN 978-1478750000.
3.Promise on a Hill: Draped in Black and White. ISBN 978-1514799741.

Locked Arms. ISBN 978-1537669892.

Tales of the Mystic Knights: Band of Brothers. ISBN 978-1530532452.

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