Meet the Author Day – James B. Riverton

James B. Riverton, Author
James B. Riverton, Author

James B. Riverton is a mystery, a reluctant author who spent his youth on a journey of personal discovery, hiding in plain sight. The author had the good fortune of meeting some of the most accomplished and famous people in the world. Movie stars, politicians, musicians, hucksters, criminals, gamblers, bankers, special operations warriors, aviators, singers, comedians, US Presidents, Senators, heads of corporate America, defense contractors and an armada of professionals while roving through life.

The author was born in San Francisco, California, traveled as a child through Europe and the Middle East in the early 1950’s, seeing the destruction from the Second World War to living on oil tankers transporting crude via the Suez Canal to France and England. He served in the US Navy during the 1960’s, worked overseas construction, dealt cards in Las Vegas, bartending in exclusive establishments, managed hospitality operations and hustled his way through life finally obtaining a BFA of Theatre Arts degree at age 28.

Married and raised a family after entering the world of real estate development that took him from Texas to Washington DC and back. Along the way writing was always a hobby until the ultimate challenge of writing fictional novels lured him into the figment of his imagination.

The author lives in Texas, spending quality time in the Hill Country and Houston, Texas, with his wife, friends and family.

Author’s Works

The Adventures of John L. Steelhard (Adult Military Action Adventure/Sci Fi)
1. Black Tiger. Paperback and eBook.
2. Chameleon. eBook.
3. Eagle. eBook.
4. Crystal. eBook.
5. Dimensions. eBook.

The Jake Donahue Adventures (Adult Detective)
1. The Man With No Left Shoe. eBook.
2. Devoured. eBook. Coming 2017.
3. Jackals. eBook. Coming 2017.

Other upcoming books
Ryan Mantee (Western Series). eBook. Coming 2017.
Vail – Ryan Carter (Spy Series). eBook. Coming 2018.
Newport Beach (Spy Series). eBook. Coming 2018.

Author’s Website

Guest at Meet the Author Day, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 10 AM to 12 PM
at Mounce Library, 201 E. 26th St., Bryan, TX 77803

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