Meet the Author Day – Photini Sierra

Photini (Tina) Sierra, Author
Photini (Tina) Sierra, Author

Photini Sierra, since birth has loved dreaming up different, perhaps better, realities, and has tried and failed in attempting to write novels, because she is impatient, so instead she writes quirky short stories, which go much faster. Her greatest accomplishment is getting four short stories published before turning seventeen.  She lives in College Station, Texas, with her eight sisters, three brothers, parents, and her two dogs.

The Bryan+College Station Public Library System currently carries two anthologies that each includes one of her short stories.


Author’s Works

“Confessions of a Convict”, short story in Words Were Spilt: 2016 TEENSPublish Anthology. ISBN 978-1536976243.

“I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” (romance short story, at

“The Warzone” (flash fiction, at

“If My Bed Were A Human” (at

“A Night On The Town”, short story in The New Generation: 2015 TEENSPublish Anthology. ISBN 978-1515276531. 

Author’s Website

Guest at Meet the Author Day, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 10 AM to 12 PM
at Mounce Library, 201 E. 26th St., Bryan, TX 77803

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