Notes and Links from June 24

At the June 24, 2020, meeting, Dawn Husted talked about setting and showed a pdf. If you would like to view or download the slides (saved as a pdf), go to and click on the file name. At this meeting, teens also helped Romy Natalia Goldberg to see if some of her texting conversation in a book for middle grade readers sounds authentic to that age range. After our critique session where teens read samples of their work and got feedback, Molly Blaisdell joined us and talked about endowed objects and maps.

Molly provided some links to articles and websites you might find interesting. Here is an article about endowed objects: Here is something from Writers Digest about “Working with Objects to Create Emotions in Characters”: Molly also suggested using Atlas Obscura ( as a setting resource. She showed us how to use for diagrams, floor plans, and blueprints, and she suggested doing this either with a program or with pencil and paper so that you don’t make careless mistakes like forgetting what side of the room something is on. She also showed us some literary maps from a magazine called Entropy. The website for that article and those examples of maps from literature is

For the July 1 meeting, you should have a complete draft of your manuscript. Your word limit is 3000. If it’s longer than that, you will need to cut it down some before submitting your story to your editor in two weeks.

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