Notes from July 1

At the July 1 meeting, Molly Blaisdell talked about dialogue and related grammar (how to handle punctuation and quotes); see screenshot links added at end of post. Teens also read from their stories and participated in critiques. There will be an optional meeting on July 8 (originally a date that Teens Publish was not scheduled to meet) where teens can ask Molly questions and do some exercises (probably things like eliminating “weak” adjectives, checking punctuation, etc.). On July 15, teens will get their editor assignments and will be expected to send out their manuscripts to their editors that evening. If you have not sent a brief description of what type of story you are writing, please send that to Molly and Kendra soon so that we can try to assign you an editor who we think will be a good fit. [This post has been edited to add screenshots of the notes about dialogue and related grammar. Click on the names to go to the screenshots and then click on the images to get bigger versions. Dialogue screenshot, Dialogue List screenshot, and Quotes screenshot]

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