Notes from July 22

At the July 22 meeting, teens brought their manuscripts. We asked briefly about the feedback teens received from their editors. Molly asked everyone to read the first page (first whole page, so read partway onto the next page if part one starts halfway down) and to identify the five tensest sentences from the first page and then the tensest sentence. Is it near the beginning? (The tensest part should be near the beginning). She also asked people to look through their manuscripts and see if anything stands out as a motif, something that repeats (a color, etc.). Molly asked people to read through and see how they describe the weather in their story. If weather is never mentioned, she suggested adding some mention of it. After this, we split into groups, and people read each others’ stories. Molly asked that people read someone else’s work rather than their own. Teens provided comments about the manuscripts.

Next week (July 29), we will start by talking about some publishing opportunities (contests) for young authors. We will split into groups. During those group discussions, each person should read the weakest part of their manuscript (5 minutes of less of reading per person). Everything should be in by the week after that, and then we (mostly Molly and Kendra) will put the book together. Teens should expect to receive some emails about their stories.

Anyone who has not yet submitted a summary (synopsis, blurb), bio, dedication, acknowledgements, and picture should submit those to Kendra as soon as possible. For the picture, we will be putting silhouettes on the cover, so either send a silhouette or send a picture with a plain background (something that will stand out from your hair, skin, and clothes) so we can separate the person from the background. You may consider using props or doing a pose.

If you have any questions, please contact Molly and/or Kendra. If anyone decides they do not want to be included in the book or there is a reason why your work will be delayed, please contact us either way and let us know.

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