Notes from July 29

Molly provided some links to teen publishing contests (pdf version, MS Word version). Each page has a list of links to teen publication, primarily contests. She also discussed a few guidelines, such as suggesting not to enter contests that have much of a fee. Everyone was reminded to turn in their final manuscript and anything else they had not turned in yet (bio, dedication, acknowledgements, summary, picture) by the next week. We also briefly discussed plans for our author party and selected late October (probably the 27th or 29th) for the date. We are currently planning for this to be a virtual party because the library is not scheduling any in-person events for now, due to COVID-19 restrictions. We plan to hold the party as a webinar with Kendra as host, Molly and each of the teen participants as panelists, and any guests the participants invite as attendees (registration will be needed, and attendees will be in watch-only mode). After this discussion, we split into groups. In groups, each person was asked to read a 5-minute section that they considered the weakest portion of their manuscript, and others in the group made suggestions and comments. This was the last official meeting of the 2020 program. Kendra offered to have Zoom open on August 6 for anyone with final questions, although August 6 was not a required meeting date (just the deadline for turning things in).

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