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Learning Express

Learning Express has online resources for job seekers, professionals, students from elementary to graduate school, Spanish speakers, and everyone in between. They offer test preparation (GED, SAT/ACT, TOEFL iBT, GMAT, GRE, CLEP, LSAT, the citizenship test, and more), homework help, career information, job application guidance, and help with computer skills.

LearningExpress Library has been updated with the prepSTEP college and high school edition content. This content is available to ALL TexShare members. LearningExpress Library Plus is a more powerful version of LearningExpress Library. It includes more than 200 additional resources and two enhanced learning centers─College Center Plus and Career Center Plus.

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Driver’s Resources

Financial Literacy Information Guides

Visit our Money Center in the Larry J. Ringer Library

Flyers and handouts are provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and other government agencies.

The information pages below will assist you in finding resources on a variety of Financial Literacy, Small Business, and Personal Finance topics. More resources can be found in our Databases.

Financial Literacy and Small Business Resources

Credit and Debt

Taxes for Beginners

Saving and Paying for College

Retirement and Estate Planning

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