Books in Japanese

Below is a list of books in Japanese that are part of our World Language Collection, sponsored by a grant from the Barbara Bush Literacy Corps. The books are located on a display near the front of Larry J. Ringer Library.

To request a book, click “Request Book” on the row that describes the book, and when the new window comes up, click “Place Request”.

If you need help, please ask the Larry J. Ringer Library Reference Desk in person or by calling (979) 764-3416.

Table of Books in Japanese
ISBN Title Author Description Request
9784052030611 Aiueo shimasho:
nisai rokusai ohanashi to kuizutsuki
Kitagawa Chiharu picture book; learn hiragana (Japanese alphabet);
each letter has a story
Request Book
9784883384037 Luri & Kulara Hayama Shotei bilingual picture book about plant & endangered butterfly Request Book
9784776402831 Koneko nikoniko nedoko de nekorobu Ishizu Chihiro picture book with fun tongue twisters to read aloud Request Book
9784893255440 Tokkun Torakku nohara e bu buu Iwamura Kazuo picture book; little boy and his toy truck Request Book
9784569689791 Jippiki no kaeru no otsukimi Madokoro Hisako picture book about ten frogs going to the Moon Festival Request Book
9784894235557 Haruchan toire Nakagawa Hirotaka picture book; little boy needs to go to the toilet Request Book
9784772101868 Nora-san to 5hiki no koneko-tachi Nishimaki Kayako picture book; mother cat finds home for her five kittens Request Book
9780966943757 Tale of the Lucky Cat
Manekineko no hanashi
Sunny Seki bilingual picture book; traditional tale;
toymaker is kind to a cat and becomes lucky
Request Book
9784593560561 Yukukawa no nagare wa taezushite Kamono Choumei classic Hojoki poetry for children; illustrated Request Book
9784770021014 The Inch-high samurai
Ralph F. McCarthy bilingual story about tiny, brave boy who
fought a dragon and sailed in a teacup
Request Book
9784062851039 Hachiko monogatari Iwasada Rumiko true story about Hachi the dog who waited at the station
every day for his master, even after the master died
Request Book
9784092172319 Kuraberu zukan Kato Yoshiko answers to children’s questions:
biggest animal, fastest vehicle, etc.
Request Book
9784384035094 Zero kara hajimeru eibunpou-
Chugaku reberu
Memo Random English grammar guide for Japanese children;
beginning to junior high level
Request Book
9784095108056 Jump English-Japanese dictionary Goto Shoichiro bilingual dictionary with 8000 entries;
for junior high school students
Request Book
9784408107400 Eigo taiyaku de yomu nihon no rekishi Nakanishi Yasuhiro
& Gregory Patton
bilingual history of Japan;
junior-high level English
Request Book
9784894513662 Eigo wa gyaku kara manabe!
Eikaiwa toreninguhen
Tomabechi Hideto “Reverse Method English Learning” with CD;
learn English conversation in 2 weeks
Request Book
9784072532096 Sono Eigo, intoneeshon hitotsu
de imi ga gyaku (CD-book)
David Thayne “Intonation changes everything”,
guide to spoken English, with CD
Request Book
9784054037557 Hajimete no ninshin shussan :
saishinban ninshin kara shussan made
no kigakari ando fuan o kaisho shimasu
Taketani Yuji pregnancy guide; pregnancy to age one;
includes several photographs
Request Book
9784054037540 Hajimete no ikuji: saishinban umaretate
kara sansai made no ikuji wa kono
issatsu ni omakase
Hosoya Ryota baby care (same series as pregnancy book);
caring for children from newborn to three years old
Request Book
9784925253291 Isogashii papa no
kosodate happi adobaisu
Akehashi Daiji guidebook for fathers; includes words and comic strips Request Book
9784938508821 Kantan bimi oryouri saijiki Jian hui bi cookbook; Japanese seasonal and festival recipes Request Book
9784048739481 Shokubutsu zukan Arikawa Hiro romance; includes chapter with recipes Request Book
9784043898022 Umi no soko Arikawa Hiro science fiction; giant crabs attack Request Book
9784620107394 Paradokkusu satin   (“Paradox 13”) Higashino Keigo drama and suspense Request Book
9784167710033 Edo no syouryou nagashi Hiraiwa Yumie short stories; historical fiction set in Edo period Request Book
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