Books in Korean

Below is a list of books in Korean that are part of our World Language Collection, sponsored by a grant from the Barbara Bush Literacy Corps. The books are located on a display near the front of Larry J. Ringer Library.

To request a book, click “Request Book” on the row that describes the book, and when the new window comes up, click “Place Request”.

If you need help, please ask the Larry J. Ringer Library Reference Desk in person or by calling (979) 764-3416.

Table of Books in Korean
ISBN Title Author Description Request
9788949140520 Hamaui Ganada
“Hippo’s Ganada”
Choi Seong Ho board book; learn Korean alphabet;
each character has a picture
Request Book
9788937853562 Noli dongyo
“Children’s playing songs”
Shin Sang U songs picked by kindergarten teachers;
includes song lyrics and music CD
Request Book
9788995972748 Uriai sajineuro baeuneun nae mulgeon
“My Stuff learning from the photos”
Topi Pyeonjibbu bilingual board book with photos;
learn names of baby’s things
Request Book
9788989564553 Uriai sajineuro baeuneun dongmul
“Animals learning from the photos”
Topi Pyeonjibbu bilingual board book with photos;
learn names of animals
Request Book
9788930246156 Manjimyeo neuggyeoyo meongmeongi
“My First Puppy Touch and Feel”
DK Publishing bilingual board book about puppies;
pictures and textures
Request Book
9788989564546 Uriai sajineuro baeuneun gwail, chaeso
“Fruit, vegetable learning from the photos”
Topi Pyeonjibbu bilingual board book with photos;
learn names of fruits and vegetables
Request Book
9788970945668 Wonsungi onui
“Monkey Sibling”
Chae In Seon picture book; little sister follows
big brother everywhere
Request Book
9788901096391 Nado Nado Choi Sug Hi picture book; little girl imitates animals;
includes CD
Request Book
9788945123664 Oneuleun chonnom saengil iyeyo
“Today is bumpkin’s birthday”
Lee Myeong Lang picture book about relics and games
ancestors played
Request Book
9788990332264 Uri jeonraedonghwa iyagi
“13 Korean traditional fairy tales”
Na Mi Hi et al illustrated book of Korean fairy tales Request Book
9788992527095 Haengbokhan hanguksa chodeunghakgyo 1
“Happy Korean history elementary school 1”
Jeonguk Yeoksa Gyosa Moim Korean history for children; written by
National History Teachers Association
Request Book
9788973319541 Gutbai~ yeongeo ulreongjeung Kim Eun Jeong tips to help Koreans learn to speak
English like Americans
Request Book
9788973370634 Insaengsayong seolmyeongseo
“Life Manual”
Kim Hong Shin self-help; life lessons Request Book
9788991193239 Hanboksunui eommaui bapsang
“Hanboksun’s Mom’s table”
Choi Seong Ju and
Han Bok Seon
cookbook by chef Han Bok Seon Request Book
9788970906911 Oyeongsilui kwiltue iyagi
“Oyoung sil’s quilt story”
O Yeong Sil how to make quilted gifts for sons and
daughters; instructions and pictures
Request Book
9788970906591 Suhakeui shin eommaga mandeunda Im Mi Seong how mothers can help their children
succeed in math
Request Book
9788963560137 Internet jeongbo hwalyongron
“Theory of Internet information usage”
Lee Cheol Chan guide to using the internet for experts
and beginners; helpful tips for searching
Request Book
9788957515358 Saja’s reobeu
“Lion’s love”
Hyeon Go Un romance Request Book
9788988537015 Cheonnyeonui geumseo
“Banned Book for a Thousand Years”
Kim Jin Myeong mystery / detective; physicist explores
friend’s death; does not think it was suicide
Request Book
9788936437077 Jigeum haengbokhae
“Happy now”
Seong Seok Jae humorous short stories Request Book
The five books listed below are not ready yet. Please check back later if you are interested in one of the books listed below.
9788989564522 Uriai sajineuro baeuneun ABC
“ABC learning from the photos”
Topi Pyeonjibbu bilingual board book with photos;
learn ABCs, English alphabet
Not Ready
9788996288008 Abbaneun nabbeun nyeoseokiya
“Daddy is bad guy”
Baeg Seung Gweon picture book; little girl thinks that
her father works too much
Not Ready
9788901092423 Goyakhan nyeoseok iya
“You are a bad boy!”
Hwang Seon Mi three short stories about friendship;
features raccoon, bear, and squirrel
Not Ready
9788901089874 Imgeumnimui jip, Changdeokgung
“King’s house, the Changdeok Palace”
Choi Jae Suk nonfiction picture book; cultural history
of Changdeok Palace
Not Ready
9788919204290 Imsin taegyo chulsan gyogwaseo
“Pregnancy and childbirth textbook”
Bakinseo Manual for Pregnancy, prenatal education Not Ready
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