Books in Simplified Chinese

Below is a list of books in Simplified Chinese (mainland China) that are part of our World Language Collection, sponsored by a grant from the Barbara Bush Literacy Corps. All our Chinese books are shelved together on a display near the front of Larry J. Ringer Library, but we have both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

To request a book, click “Request Book” on the row that describes the book, and when the new window comes up, click “Place Request”.

If you need help, please ask the Larry J. Ringer Library Reference Desk in person or by calling (979) 764-3416.

Table of Books in Simplified Chinese
ISBN Title Author Description Request
9787530440124 Shen ma
The Magic Horse of Han Gan
Le cheval magique de Han Gan
Chen jiang hong picture book; ancient Chinese painter Shen Ma,
known for his paintings of horses;
translated from French
Request Book
9787535840653 Lan feng zheng Qin wen jun picture book; bear and kite become friends Request Book
9787535039231 Wo niu de sen lin Wang yi mei picture book; others tell snail forest is not a forest Request Book
9787533254674 Nian
Nian, the New Year Monster
Xiong liang picture book; legend of New Year’s beast Nian
who is scared of firecrackers and the color red
Request Book
9787539424866 Ban sui hai zi cheng zhang de
zao wan tong hua
Lin lan 365 x 2 fairytales: two fairytales a day
to read to your child; with pictures and pinyin
Request Book
9787500792819 You er wen xue 60
nian jing dian.Tai yang
yan wen jing Sixty years of children’s literature: The Sun volume;
stories, poems, rhymes; illustrated
Request Book
9787801385598 Niu lang zhi nu
The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver
Chu yi bilingual Chinese folk tale; cowherd and weaver girl
separated by the Milky Way, meet once a year
Request Book
9787530110737 Xi you ji
Journey to the west
Wu cheng en children’s version of Chinese classic;
monkey, pig, and Sha Wujing help monk
Request Book
9787801380036 Zhong guo shi ge
jie ri chuang shuo
Zhan tong bilingual picture book;
Legends of Ten Chinese Traditional Festivals
Request Book
9787800520020 Er tong Han yu: 1
Chinese for Children 1
Liu xun book 1 of 3; easy vocabulary, pictures, and rhymes
to teach Chinese to preschoolers; with CD
Request Book
9787800520136 Er tong Han yu: 2
Chinese for Children 2
Liu xun book 2 of 3; vocabulary, pictures, and rhymes
to teach preschoolers Chinese; book 1 has CD
Request Book
9787800520143 Er tong Han yu: 3
Chinese for Children 3
Liu xun book 3 of 3; vocabulary, pictures, and rhymes
to teach Chinese to preschoolers; book 1 has CD
Request Book
9787122042163 Zheng yu qiao yu er bai ke Zheng yu qiao pregnancy and parenting guide:
pregnancy and first three years of baby’s life
Request Book
9787530955437 Ga yi shi 12 jing mai yang sheng fa Gai ya nan Chinese medicine health maintenance guide Request Book
9787880829402 Ying yu kou yu hua ti wang
King Topics of Oral English
Geng xiao hui learn English with everyday American conversations;
CD included
Request Book
9787563920846 Xin bian bai xing jia chang cai 2000 li Zi hao cookbook with over 2000 favorite family recipes Request Book
9787807078142 Dan ta de wa zi wa wa Dan ta learn how to make your own sock babies (dolls) Request Book
9787801743503.2 Re dai yu jia ting yang zhi 400 ti Su guan qun 400 questions and answers about raising tropical
fish in your home aquarium
Request Book
9787563716173 Kuai yi chang you
Traveling in USA
Chen wan na US travel guide; includes money-saving tips and
useful phrases for airport, phone, and more
Request Book
9787504461940 po yi xing ming Zhang shu ren feng shui book of Chinese names; famous names;
how to use your name; names and fortunes
Request Book
9787806007969 Er shi wu shi (2 vols) Wu ying dian ben volume 1 of 2-volume set; Chinese history:
important people from 25 Chinese dynasties
Request Book
9787806007969 Er shi wu shi (2 vols) Wu ying dian ben volume 2 of 2-volume set; CD inside cover;
important people from 25 Chinese dynasties
Request Book
9787505417854 Ye shang hai Jin zi historical romance set in 1930’s Shanghai;
two sisters, one escaping an arranged marriage
Request Book
9787536052697 Xing shao hong Song ying mystery; victims received death notes with codes
and maps about an old unsolved case
Request Book
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