Books in Traditional Chinese

Below is a list of books in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan) that are part of our World Language Collection, sponsored by a grant from the Barbara Bush Literacy Corps. All our Chinese books are shelved together on a display near the front of Larry J. Ringer Library, but we have both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

To request a book, click “Request Book” on the row that describes the book, and when the new window comes up, click “Place Request”.

If you need help, please ask the Larry J. Ringer Library Reference Desk in person or by calling (979) 764-3416.

Table of Books in Traditional Chinese
ISBN Title Author Description Request
9789864135134 Zhong Ying Shuang Yu You Er
Tu Dian (1)
Ren lei wen hua
bian ji bu
bilingual picture dictionary for preschoolers;
uses BoPoMoFo phonetics; with CD;
v. 1 of 3: people and household items
Request Book
9789864135141 Zhong Ying Shuang Yu You Er
Tu Dian (2)
Ren lei wen hua
bian ji bu
bilingual picture dictionary for preschoolers;
uses BoPoMoFo phonetics; with CD;
v. 2 of 3: animals
Request Book
9789864135158 Zhong Ying Shuang Yu You Er
Tu Dian (3)
Ren lei wen hua
bian ji bu
bilingual picture dictionary for preschoolers;
uses BoPoMoFo phonetics; with CD;
v. 3 of 3: transportation and food
Request Book
4714426700579 Ha li de lu cheng –
pei yang bao bao de hao pin ge 1
Feng che bian ji qun board book;
helpful mouse gives bird and egg a ride in his car
Request Book
9789867267269 Mao xiong wan you xi
(hou zhi shu) (huang)
Feng che bian ji qun board book; fun story about pandas;
short, tonal rhymes help children learn language
Request Book
9789862110935 Kou shui long Guan jia qi picture book; baby dinosaur drools all the time;
his friends have ideas about how to handle the situation
Request Book
9789867942999 Mi mi shuo bu
Mimi says No!
Yih-Fen Chou
(Zhou yi fen)
picture book with bilingual CD and tiny English book;
toddler keeps telling mother “No!”
Request Book
9789867942937 Jing ju mao chang ban po Xiong lang picture book with bilingual CD; Peking cat opera;
all cats singing, playing music, and in audience
Request Book
9789573211167 Lao shu qu xin niang
The Mouse Bride
Zhang ling ling
(Monica Chang)
illustrated folk tale; mouse father looks for the best
husband (among sun, cloud, wind, wall) for his daughter
only to find him among his own kind
Request Book
9789861831770 Wo hui da zhao hu 1 Song hui qin teach toddlers manners and greetings;
animated VCD (video CD)
Request Book
9789866880834 Wo cong na li lai Tang yun picture book about physical growth;
helps parents explain where babies come from
Request Book
9789866673207 Sen lin xiao yi sheng
Little doctor of the forest
Tie pi ren mei shu picture book about basic first aid;
teaches children how to treat cuts
Request Book
9789861516608 A gong a ma fen dou ji Lin wei collective biography; stories of 10 heroes
and heroines of Taiwan, past and present;
various fields of achievement
Request Book
9789862410134 [Zhang man juan kai jiang]
jiao chu hai zi de zhong wen li
Zhang manjuan lessons to help children with Chinese language;
CD, 2 DVDs; interactive games, interviews with author
Request Book
9789867047953 Yun ma mi sheng huo 100 wen Zheng zhi jian 100 questions and answers for expecting mothers;
doctor answers most common pregnancy questions
Request Book
9789577105325 Tiao zhan Mei guo xiao xue
sheng dou hui de sheng huo
Ying yu li jian ding
Osanai Dai use everyday American expressions;
learn to speak like an American
Request Book
9789868451681 Yong dian guo zuo dian xin Wei qin cookbook with recipes for Chinese and Western
desserts cooked with electric rice-cooker
Request Book
9789866780387 Xue hui gou mao xian de di yi ben shu :
600 zhang chao xiang jin tu jie bi xue hui
Jing li chu ban she how to knit; 600 illustrated step-by-step instructions Request Book
9789575268381 jia qing jiu shou!
Zhe yang kai che jiu dui le
Okubo Chiho driving and life; driving etiquette; driving and the road Request Book
9789862270363 Mei da shang che de nu ren
“Johatsu – Aru ai no owari”
Natsuki Shizuko mystery / detective story translated from Japanese Request Book
9789861653341 Huang rong Yi shu romance; girl falls in love with a con man,
and her sister makes her realize her mistake
Request Book
The two books listed below are not ready yet. Please check back later if you are interested in one of the books listed below.
9789866829321 Dian hua ying wen hen qing song
(yu yin guang die jia qiang ban)
Guo ji yu yan zen jin hui learn how to speak English on the telephone;
120 conversations; with CD
Not Ready
9789862350164 she ji xing fu chong wu jia:
da zao mao gou shu shi wu
de di yi ben shu
Kanamaki Tomoko happy pet home design; how to design
living space for indoor pets (cats and dogs)
Not Ready
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