Tails and Tales Kids and Teens Art Contest

Tails and Tales Kids and Teens Art Contest Summer 2021

Bryan+College Station Public Library System

Are you wild about art?   The Bryan-College Station Public Library System is having an animal-themed art contest!  We will have 5 age categories:  age 5 – 6;  7– 8;  9 – 10;  11 – 14; and age 15 – 18.  Choose the medium you like: chalk, paint, pencils, markers, crayons.  This is not a digital art contest.    Only flat pieces of art size 18” x 24” or smaller will be judged.  Please do not bring framed art.  This year’s summer reading theme is “Tails and Tales” focusing on tales about animals.  Please make your art theme-related.  Bring your entry to Mounce Library or Ringer Library by July 17, 2021.  Results will be announced on July 30.  There will be one winner in each age category, so 5 winners in all.  Last summer, the entries were grouped and judged according to where they were dropped off.  This year, the entries will be judged all as one group, regardless of the drop off location.  The prize will be an art set.


  • Entry Dates: July 1, 2021 to July 17, 2021
  • There are 5 age groups: 5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-14 years old, 15-18 years old
  • choose any of the following mediums: chalk, paint, pencils, markers, crayons
  • must be flat paper or on canvas, framed art is not accepted
  • theme-related – Tails and Tales (tales about animals)
  • size 18” X 24” or smaller
  • Please put the following on the back of the art: First and Last Name, contact information, age of artist
  • Drop off artwork at Youth Services, either at Mounce Library or Ringer Library (accepted at both)
  • All entrants must submit a copyright release form: https://www.bcslibrary.org/policies/#copyright-release
  • Winners will be announced July 30

For more information, contact  Elaine Platt at eplatt@bryantx.gov.

art contest for ages 5 to 18 with a raccoon painting a picture and a few splashes of paint

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