Waiting to hear from editors

On July 19, teen writers emailed their manuscripts to their editors, and we hope to have some feedback by the next meeting on July 26. Editors will most likely reply directly to the teens’ emails, and depending on the person, there may be an attachment with comments inserted or the editor may make comments separately. At our July 26 meeting, teens may ask Molly any questions that may have arisen from editors’ comments. It is possible that some people may not hear back from their editors until after the meeting. If anyone has not emailed your editor yet, please contact Molly. For anyone who was not at the last meeting, you can also view the choices that were selected for the anthology’ title and colors. If you will be out and did not already say that you would be missing this week, please contact Molly and/or Kendra to let us know. There will be one more meeting on August 2, and the book release party will be near the end of September.

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