Week 3

There are some videos you should view from Molly’s TEENS Publish playlist. The playlist can be found on her YouTube channel (or go to YouTube and search for Molly Blaisdell). If you have not already seen these (or would like to review), take a look at videos 1 (What Makes a Hero? by Matthew Winkler, TED-Ed), 6 (Kurt Vonnegut graphing the shapes of stories), 2 (The Hero’s Journey by Glove and Boots, puppets), and 4 (An Anti-Hero of One’s Own by Tim Adams, TED-Ed).

During the third-week workshop, participants played a game of “what if?”. People took turns standing up at the front of the room and saying “what if” and giving a little bit of clues to the plot of a book or movie to see how long it would take for others to guess the correct title.

Molly handed out worksheets on “Five Key Plot Points” and “Novel Plot – First three chapters” to the teens who plan to write novel excerpts. She had different handouts for short story and for poetry. Anyone who missed the workshop should contact Molly for the appropriate handout. Everyone also read from their work and got critique feedback. For next week, everyone should have 3000 words written.

If you will be out, and especially if you did not inform us of the impending absence on your application, please contact Molly and/or Kendra. Excessive absences may result in a smaller section in the anthology. See you on June 21; there are 2 people that we know will be out. Check email or this blog for updates.

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