Week 4

Hi folks! Molly here!

If you missed last week, please take some time to watch the following videos: Creative Writing Dialogue Punctuation by zmollon, Creative Writing Masterclass by Phil Earle: Setting by The Scottish Book Trust, Fantasy Map Drawing by Peter Draws, Drawing a City Map by Peter Draws.

These videos are found on the TeensPublish Youtube channel. Search by title or on Molly Blaisdell to find them. After you have completed watching the videos, fill out a setting worksheet and try drawing maps of some of the settings in your piece. You will find the setting worksheet on my website mollyblaisdell.com. The link to the Setting Worksheet is under the heading Writers/Goodies. You can also email me with a request for the worksheet.

You should have 3000 words on Wednesday. We will be tweaking this draft before we move on to full revision. I look forward to seeing you.


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