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Libraries Rock! Enjoy summer programs for all ages starting June 1.

Click the Adults, Children, and Teen/Tween links for details. View our events calendar (events are still being added to the calendar).

The children’s artwork on this page is by Brian Pinkney. The teen and adult artwork on this page is by Larry Jones. Artwork copyright CSLP.

Reading logs will be available June 1 through July 31 at Ringer and Mounce Libraries. Return completed logs by August 31.

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Research shows that school-aged children who do not read throughout the summer will experience a serious loss in reading achievement resulting in a gap that widens with every successive year. In an effort to remedy this, we offer an annual Summer Reading Program.

The program works like this: Pick up a summer reading log from the library. Read for at least 30 days over the summer. For every day of reading (regardless of the amount of time), mark one space on the reading log. Come in for a halfway prize after 15 days of reading and a final prize (free book for children and teens; entry into a drawing for a bookstore gift card for adults) after 30 days of reading.

The summer reading program is for all ages. We have reading logs for children, teens/tweens, and adults. For babies and young children who are not reading yet, it is okay to mark spaces on the log for an adult reading to the child and for a child looking at a picturebook. Audiobooks are also okay. In addition to our summer reading log, Mounce Library and Ringer Library also provide free activities, primarily during June and July. Check back for a listing closer to summer.

This program has no cost to the community; however, the Friends of the Bryan & College Station Library System generously provide the prize books and event supplies. In addition to this, the entire community bands together to contribute volunteers, prizes (including food coupons), the use of moonwalks, carnival booths, and many other things that make this annual literacy program a huge success! When a community bands together for literacy, then the future of that community is ensured.

Registration for all ages will take place June 1 – July 31, 2018. Turn in reading logs by August 31.

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